Saturday, August 10, 2013

Metal Awnings

Metal Awnings are available in Different Style and Color
Metal awnings are made of the iron, aluminum and steel and they also depend on the architectural requirement of the building. The vertical metal panel awnings and window awnings are made of the strongest ribbed heavy gauge material that helps to resist any tough weather condition and also it is highly durable. The retractable metal awnings are developed from the flexible slats which does not have any visible space between the slats when the awning comes in the open position.
Different styles available
The aluminum slats available in the metal awnings are made of the heavy gauge with the baked-on enamel that has the ability to resist the cracking and peeling. Metal awnings suppliers offer different shapes and configurations that suit the needs of the customers. The awnings may or may not be able to have distinguishable sides. The metal awnings are found in different distinct types that depend on different functional requirements of the individual.
Awnings Delhi offers the aluminum awnings that are found in various solid or striped styles that are available in several attractive colors. The door awnings are actually designed in order to install over the door in order to allow the stairs and landings free from the rain water. This has helped the metal awnings become so popular in the market. 


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